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We unite nature and confort
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Fabrics featuring outstanding style and elegance, designed and created from a wealth of experience.

A long time has passed since, Gironés has distinguished itself as an innovative company that never sets itself limits, whose fabric collections have always been the epitome of elegance and style. In a world full of endless metres of fabrics, Gironés Fabrics’ designs have served as an inspiration for many stylish creators who have turned cottons, linens and natural fabrics into unique fashion and decorating projects. Indeed, we are at the forefront of the high-end decorative textiles market.

Feel at Home

Feel at Home

Feel at Home is a slogan that represents our true essence. Gironés not only wants our customers to “feel at home” but to put their trust in us, in our designs. Our concept goes much further – we aim to ensure that when our fabrics reach their final destination (homes, offices, hotels, designers, etc.), they are capable of turning every space into something unique, a space with which you can identify and feel totally at home. ‍ Feeling at home is a universal need – a sense of happiness, relaxation and comfort… a reflection of Gironés itself after so many years of expertise in the world of high-end decorative fabrics.

On this long journey we have learnt many things; we have explored the full gamut of colours, textures and designs, and we have managed to extract all that experience and condense it in our collections; collections that always put a premium on quality, attention to detail, and originality. This fruitful journey has enabled us to become one of the leading companies in our field, not just in Spain but also in Europe, because however many years of experience may be behind us, we have never rested on our laurels. Every year our collections reflect that fact, continuing to exude intuition, quality, originality and inspiration…

Our Principles

QUALITY is the essential bedrock of all our products and services
We always like to SURPRISE
We don’t set limits on ourselves but pursue our creative vision
We rely on customer empathy and feedback
We’re all about style
The Collections


A striking collection in which clean lines and plaids create a perfect and original combination with prints of these colourful little birds.

Romanticism in its purest state

The outstanding elegance of our 100% linen fabric with its simple floral motifs that combine natural linen with warm beige.

Recycled linens and cottons, and reused cotton...

Our fabric collections are made with 100% natural fabrics such as linen, cotton and organic cotton. Our GoGreen brand introduces sustainable fabrics that boast just the same features, quality and finishes.

Our fabrics have been chosen to enhance countless homes, hotels and restaurants...

Bold designs that stand up to everything

The Gironés collection of outdoor tablecloths reflects our commitment to research and development into top quality products that make our customers’ daily lives easier. Our exclusive tablecloths are created to resist the effects of sunlight, water, and wear-and-tear. Our new outdoor collection ensures that both the properties of the fabric and their vibrant colours will stand the test of time.

Birds Natural Cotton

Our Birds Natural Cotton collection is an elegant 100% cotton fabric that is perfect for the contract market as well as domestic use.


Stripes are always a popular choice as they combine so well with everything. The romanticism of flowers brings added elegance to any space. Our original geometric patterns with their shades of blue are a guaranteed success wherever they are used.

Quality linens and natural cottons, along with the new eco-friendly GoGreen fabrics, are the basis on which we develop our creations. They are the repository for floral prints, nature-inspired motifs, geometric patterns, stripes and checks, ethnic designs, sophisticated prints… and not forgetting our highly practical plain colours. All of them are designed to help interior designers and decorators bring life to both interiors and exteriors with a unique touch and individual personality.

Garden Outdoor
Recycled fabrics that embrace nature
"We make a difference by using recycled fabrics for outdoor environments."
It’s common knowledge that all outdoor fabrics are characterized by their synthetic origin and manufactured using acrylic fibres. These are obtained through chemical processes that are highly pollutant and carcinogenic. On the other hand, we guarantee that our fabrics have been obtained from cotton, linen and other recycled fibers, they are unbeatable to be used in any type of outdoor environment. We offer the best guarantees for all applications, always respecting the environment and giving recycled fibers a second best life. We provide countless designs that can be printed on our Zen 100% Cotton and Cascais 60% Recycled Cotton – 40% Linen fabrics. Ask us for ideas and we will develop the collection you need.
Is the most complete finish for exterior furnishing and is of the highest quality standard in the world. Some of the main characteristics of this unique finish are: high light and weather resistance, high resistance to sea water, high resistance to chlorinated water, high resistance to solar degradation, anti-stain and antibacterial finish, abrasion and pilling suitable for upholstery and high power of hydro repellency and oil repellency.
Feel Green

GoGreen represents Gironés’ strong commitment to ECO-FRIENDLY FABRICS. GoGreen fabrics are made entirely from polyester recycled from plastic bottles, organic cotton and reused cotton. Our range of GoGreen 100% recycled polyester fabrics is made from plastic waste such as bottles. As a recycled fabric, GoGreen by Gironés, helps to conserve our natural resources and reduces the build-up of plastic waste in the oceans.  This recycled fabric is both hard-wearing and soft to touch. Our range of GoGreen fabrics is made from 100% organic cotton, a type of cotton that is beneficial for both the environment and human health because it is planted and tended in fields free from synthetic chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers before being spun and manufactured without toxins or chemicals. This fabric is both hard-wearing and soft to touch.
Our range of GoGreen fabrics is made from 100% reused cotton sourced entirely from second-hand cotton clothing, which helps us to reduce textile waste. This fabric is both hard-wearing and soft to touch.

Our Always Clean treatment
prevents dirt from becoming embedded in your fabrics

We know that ‘natural’ is in fashion, and this is not just about simple, organic designs but also refers to the use of natural fabrics and comfortable, practical materials.
Gironés’ response to even further improving our fabrics is “Always-Clean”. We have created a revolutionary treatment that coats every fibre in a molecular film that prevents dirt from penetrating the fabric.
Thanks to Always-Clean, it’s now much easier to keep your fabrics clean as well as maintaining their soft texture and elegant, natural look.

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